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Feel free to hang out here especially if you have an interest in art or more specifically watercolor painting. We’re all learning so don’t be afraid to dive in along with me – it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at.

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This is one of the latest painting videos on doing a monochromatic watercolor painting.

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Starting to paint with watercolor

One thing that I love about watercolor is that it’s simple. 

Getting started is relatively inexpensive and you can easily put together a portable kit to travel with or take on location. With just a couple of brushes, a few primary color watercolor paints, and some pieces of watercolor paper you can be off and running.

Watercolor has a life of it’s own and it’s best not to fight that but to learn how to work with it. The results can be unexpected and pleasant surprises.

As I do videos and write ‘how-to paint with watercolor’ articles I’ll post them here. My hope is that you can pick up a brush and start to create your own masterpieces in time!



I’ve been painting with watercolor whenever I get a chance for several years now. I’ve always enjoyed creating things, working with my hands, while at the same time getting very involved with the technical side of things.

I love those day trips to the ocean to relax and shoot photos and video for future use. Maine is a great place to live for the creative inspiration that’s required in the painting process.

I hopes to share my painting processes and ideas with you on this website. Please connect with me here and on other social media platforms.

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The best way to contact me is through one of my social channels. What? You haven’t connected with me yet?!  😉

Facebook: DougMooreArt
Instagram: mainegraphics
YouTube: Doug Moore

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